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Big site renovation
Considering my site really needed some work (going into independent consulting), I've complete redone about a third of the content here. For one, my open source showcase is
Another content update
And another content update... Let's just say it's been a while since I've visited the site's content, and so I ended up having to remove a bunch of stale things. First, as
Major content update
I made a major, sorely needed content update for the website. Here's a quick summary of things I added: 1. Half of the Home page is now in the About page. 2. I've added links
Site redesign
I've recently completed a very large redesign of my website to make it look more modern and look much better. If you saw it between the recent move and now, you probably see a
Welcome to my new site!
Welcome to my new site! Yes, I've finally got my own domain as well as website running. Things new that didn't exist a month ago: 1. I have a website that's more than merely a
Tape === awesome
Edit (2016-01-16): minor typography/style/bug/etc. fixes. tape is awesome. Nobody likes writing thousands and thousands of lines of unit tests, but I'd have to say that tape
Objects linked to other objects - Simplifies so much
Edit (2016-01-14): minor typography/style/bug/etc. fixes. I recently made my first npm module (babel-plugin-proto-to-create), but this just stems from my general frustration
ES6 is functional, imperative, and OO
Edit (2016-01-14): minor typography/style/bug/etc. fixes. Yes, I know that, lately, there has been a fad about functional programming. Examples include C++ and Python getting
I like well, even for golfing (factorial demo hack)
Edit (2016-01-14): Remove license disclaimer, re-license it under site's general license. I also fixed typography/grammar/bugs/clarity/etc. throughout. Update: updated much of
User friendliness and SEO optimization for clients without JS using <noscript>, <meta>
Edit (2016-01-14): correct the last paragraph, as IE6+ can still parse HTML5, albeit not display it properly without shims. --- The following is a simple HTML hack to really