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Site redesign

I've recently completed a very large redesign of my website to make it look more modern and look much better. If you saw it between the recent move and now, you probably see a lot of drastic changes, including how you click through the site. I also reduced some of the jargon outside of this blog, to make it more accessible to non-technical viewers (and I'm going to try a little better to limit the jargon that creeps into the blog this time).

(Okay...the title's misleading. In a sense, it's the original design, where the one before was quite limited, and was not the primary nor long-term design.)

I still need to add Atom + RSS feed support, though. That used to be on my old blog automatically because of Blogger, but it still needs added here. The icons and looks are already mostly taken care of now, but it's the logic that's missing (and also the hardest part, since I have to write most of it myself). To keep me from forgetting too long, I have TODOs splattered all over the place to remind me.