picture of Isiah Meadows

Hi, I'm Isiah Meadows.

I'm a web consultant and freelancer ready to help you soar. I specialize in full stack web design and development anywhere from help designing a small personal site you were using Wix to create to writing a custom-built web app complete with backend hosting, and anywhere in between. So if you need help anywhere from a simple shop or blog to getting a fancy site to go along with your shiny new startup, I'm who you've been looking for.

Here's some of what I can do:

  • Assist with site builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace
  • Create new sites and web apps from scratch
  • Maintain and support your existing sites or web apps
  • Work on existing projects as a freelancer
  • Integrate your site with existing services you already use

So what are you waiting for?

screenshot of website

This site was created to help promote a client's vacation rental condo located in the Cayman Islands. It links to each site listing her rental, and it is integrated into one of the services, which provides a simple calendar widget.

It's a fairly simple website with only a few pages, including a gallery for photos of the condo. It was designed to evoke an inviting, relaxing, and aesthetically beautiful feel, the very thing you would probably want to feel while on vacation, to help complement the property and location in general, and to entice visitors to choose it over other similar properties, to make it seem less cookie cutter.

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