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User friendliness and SEO optimization for clients without JS using <noscript>, <meta>

Edit (2016-01-14): correct the last paragraph, as IE6+ can still parse HTML5, albeit not display it properly without shims.

The following is a simple HTML hack to really help with detecting clients without JavaScript enabled or supported and serve them better content accordingly:

In the <head>, add this code:

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;">

The URL can be any of your choosing, and it matters none what it is. It is just meant to point to a version that does not require JavaScript. This is best placed as the first tag after the <meta charset="utf-8"> in the <head>.

There is a caveat to this: it only validates as HTML5. This means nothing to modern browsers, but it could provide potential issues if you need to validate this as HTML 4 for older browsers (e.g. IE8 or earlier).