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Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to my new site!

Yes, I've finally got my own domain as well as website running. Things new that didn't exist a month ago:

  1. I have a website that's more than merely a blog or whatever. I think that's already obvious by you being on this site.

  2. I have a domain, that's literally my name + ".com". What are the chances of that? But I've already mentioned that.

  3. I have everything all in one spot.

    Previously, I had three separate sites, one for more current music, one for my older music written in late middle school/early high school, and one for my occasionally posted-to blog. Now, I have a complete website that contains all the content from all three, plus a whole lot more content.

  4. I have a blog that is legible. My old blog site used a rather dark color scheme (I like my dark colors), but if you were to try to read that thing with glare from the sun or on a screen with its brightness turned down (I habitually keep mine at the lowest setting on almost everything), good luck trying to read that. I even struggle to read that at times, and I know I' better than average at detecting color differences. So I had to ditch that entirely.

    Plus, a light, simple site is much more inviting than a dark one. Unless it's featuring dark, gloomy castles and other fun stuff where dark colors fit in perfectly like in this site, of course, and you can get a free pass on that in my book. ![wink](wink.png =16x16)

And although this site still has quite a few things left to do (like mobile friendliness, for starters), I'm glad this is starting to come together. ![smile](smile.png =16x16)