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Big site renovation

Considering my site really needed some work (going into independent consulting), I've complete redone about a third of the content here. For one, my open source showcase is now a subpage of the "Showcase" page rather than the main showcase itself. I also some image editing and added quite a bit of prose.

Some of the things I've since done:

  • Deleted the political blog posts
  • Made the showcase a little more pictorial
  • Optimized the blog a lot (blog page is rendered while DOM is still loading)
  • Removed the Mithril dependency for the site (reduce download size)
  • Rewrote most of the main page's content to be less blasé
  • Gained some more experience with CSS 3D transforms (how often do you get to use these cool things on websites?)
  • Removed some redundant stylesheet stuff
  • Made the stylesheets a bit more readable and scalable

So do feel free to explore and look around.