I don't have nearly the time to devote to creating music that I used to, thanks to college and then work. But when I did, my compositions varied anywhere from classically inspired to electronic to more contemporary. All these pieces below were created from late middle school to very early college, which is about when I stopped. The songs started out a bit lighter, but got more dramatic and darker as I matured both as a person and as a composer. I still occasionally enjoy improvising on the keyboard, but even that time is becoming limited. But just as a heads up, these pieces are probably not the best in the world, so do keep that in mind - I created most of them in middle and high school, after all. I also don't have recordings of any of my sheet music, just computer-generated audio for some of them. (I was always skittish about being recorded while playing keyboard, but some of them are broader than even that.)

In some of the pieces, I detailed my inspiration for writing them, for your reading pleasure and to explain why some of them might have certain moods.

Oh, and one last thing: some music programs like to associate artwork with some of my songs - that's not my fault, it's a bug in your music player. I didn't assign artwork to any of them, so feel free to just ignore them.