picture of Isiah Meadows

I'm a full-stack web developer who specializes in the latest HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and the Node.js JavaScript runtime. Some of the tools I use include Pug, Stylus, and Mithril, all except the last of which are used in this website. I have also worked with PHP, React.js, BabelJS, WordPress, C++, and Rust (last two only in non-web projects).

I maintain a low-traffic, infrequently updated blog full of whatever ramblings come across my head, mostly technical stuff. Also, I enjoy reading IFLScience and BuzzFeed, and when I can find time not spent coding or doing other things, I occasionally play music, mostly improvised, on my keyboard.

Once upon a time (read: middle and high school), I loved to create music. This mostly predates my coding days, and as much as I wish I could continue creating, I sadly no longer have nearly the time to create and publish as I used to. In case you're curious, you can still find my old songs here. (I keep them archived here so they aren't lost to the sands of time.)

If you want to contact me, you can always use the contact form here on this site, or if you would prefer, you can also find me here:

If you're wondering how my first name is pronounced, it's "eye-zay-uh", like the biblical character. I know it's spelled weird, but I was actually named after this particular basketball player, hence the seemingly odd spelling that machines almost never get right.